Ok, not used to doing this blogging thing but have decided that since I feel restricted about what I say or do via FB or Google+ then my thoughts and opinions can find a home here…

I guess most of them are going to be about Denmark, and my total disillusionment.  But where to start, after being here and suffering silently for over 2 years now?  Maybe I should just begin with topics that come up from this date forward and hope that the next year or so is a more positive experience.  Although, it may be worthwhile writing about topics relating to the local ‘sprogcenter’ (which I finally gave up on), looking for work (one interview in all this time seems retarded) or the bloody minded mentality over here.

I guess I could state why I am here in the first place…  As usual – it’s all in the name of love.  When people ask me why are you here, my immediate thought is: why would I be here if it were not for min dejlige kæreste?  However, I made the choice to come here as I was also fed up with England and thought life couldn’t get much worse.  I was full of positivity and prepared to tackle the whole new nightmare language, loving the idea of big changes and confident that things would go well.  Oh, how things don’t always work out the way you would like them to.

I have gone from fun loving, confident, out going and sociable to pessimistic, nervous, shy and rapidly gaining hermit status.  Before you say, go back to the UK – I am still as stubborn (somewhere deep down) as ever and intend to see this through, refuse to be another foreigner who came, tried it and quit (just yet) and am crazy about the Danish guy, of course.  Though, I am a little tired of not being able to groan or grumble about things without the fear of having the the dreaded expression “if you don’t like it here, then _ _ _ _ _ _ _” you can fill in the obvious blanks there.  I remember moaning about stuff or ‘putting the world to rights’ over in the UK over many glasses of vino etc and that was considered quite normal.

There are other reasons I choose to stay.  The country is not as densely populated (so no real congestion problems or extremely busy shopping centres etc), the crime rate is low, the cycle paths are great and mostly flat (although I still get v nervous about riding on the right side of the road and the traffic red light system) and I know that there are problems wherever you choose to live (I do have to remind  myself of this one quite often).

Lets just hope my slowly expanding network helps and I pick myself up out of this little black hole I have found myself in…

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2 Responses to Intro…

  1. etellerandet says:

    Ooh, hope to read more!

  2. There’s a haven on Facebook, should you need to vent with like-minds. Trust me, there are many of us who feel the same as you, if not worse. Come for the support if you need it.

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