Still trying to be constructive…

Well, I guess I have a lot of time to mess about and try different things at the moment. So, I’ve just started working on a new website, designed to help other foreigners in Denmark. I’m not sure if it will ever get off the ground and run fantastically well, as I’ve a lot to learn while creating it. However, it is fun and will hopefully replace the existing dull stuff out there on the world wide web!

I am also not sure I’ll ever get a place in one of the educational institutes here yet, after applying a few months ago to go to the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (as I can’t find work of any kind!) I am quite annoyed with the application process, and not sure if it’s even working. The website (Click here) I was referred to is far from adequate and I’ve heard nothing so far… /sigh – I may have ‘missed the boat’ now and have to apply again next year.

Anyhoo, the new web project keeps my pea brain ticking over and active, which is the main thing. I just have to make sure my current negative view of DK is not displayed, or kept to a very minimum. I don’t want to discourage people too much and too unecessarily. Afterall, there are some out there who may be having a ball over here and many more that could do the same. My main aim is to try and help provide info quickly and supply a few snippets of insight into the Danish way of life. It may take some time, so I won’t start promoting the domain name and url’s etc just yet…

I am also off to see someone from KVINFO (Web link here) this week. I was interested to see how their Mentor/Mentee program worked – will have to post updates later. I can’t even remember how I found out about them – random googling I guess. They have taken approx 8 weeks to respond to my email enquiry. Fingers crossed they have something to offer a poor, desperate non Dane.

As for WorkInDenmark (WiD link) – I’ve attended their ‘looking for work’ workshops, had a 1-2-1 and lots of email discussions with them and think we’ve hit a brick wall now. Not sure if others have had more help or success. I do remember my ‘adviser’ saying that it’s all about networking, and gone are the traditional days of finding a job advert, applying for it, waiting for an interview etc. My CV and application letters have never had so much care, time and effort spent on them before, ever! And my LinkedIn profile (My profile) severly lacks Danish contacts so far. So, I need more Danish friends, preferably those not currently still studying…

Guess I’d better crack on with the web thing in the meantime!

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2 Responses to Still trying to be constructive…

  1. I will try and add you on LinkedIn, although truth be told, my own networking here isn’t going very well.

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