Week of turmoil!

I’ve gone from ‘unemployed’ to ‘working girl’ and back to ‘unemployed’ in less than a week! Lets just say that the job really wasn’t for me and I am no kok in busy køkkener. They lack personal space A LOT and I am as slow as a snail when it comes to dealing with food. Hell’s kitchen is nothing in comparison to the real world! I also lost my appetite big time!  So, I’m back to the drawing board and picking up the website again. I’m still feeling bad that I just couldn’t cut it and am lucky my guy is ok and understanding – though those 2 days had a knock on affect on him too. I’ve never had to give up on a job so quickly before but then I have had the luxury of having a long career where I’ve been mostly tied to a desk and not running around greasy floors and getting very messy. I now have an insight into the life of a chef/cook and just don’t know how they do it! I guess it was best that I quit now than waste time, drag it out, and leave them in the lurch a little later.

I also went ballistic with the local grocery store – Kvickly i Brøndby. I have shopped there for over 2 years, learnt how to be the perfect customer, tried to speak Danish when possible and always smiled and been polite. I’ve never been so patient, but the last straw came this week and I have vowed never to return there again. I was so tired of the rude staff behaviour, and am convinced it was aimed at me – “the dirty foreigner”. Admittedly the staff were sometimes rude to other customers too, so sometimes I brushed their shit aside. However, I never had a good experience in there and had to use cognitive behavioural therapy in the end, just to build up the courage to handle the hellish shopping task. Since we’ve started shopping elsewhere we have noticed the price difference is saving money, so maybe it was for the best…

Ok, on a more positive note… I went to see a girl called Kira at the KVINFO organisation and had a long chat with her about their mentor / mentee program and it lifted my spirits a little. It was a positive Danish experience and am hoping that more goodness will come out of it. I managed to ‘tale dansk smukt’ with the receptionist and Kira was warm and spoke English willingly and fluently. After our meeting we agreed that I need a Danish mentor who is both able to help with the job searching and translate my CV, application letters into Danish, and help me learn more Danish at the same time. Hopefully I will get to meet this superwoman within the next few weeks! I just wish I’d known about the organisation a year or so ago. They are funded by the government and the mentors are completely voluntary, so must like mixing with internationals. I have my fingers crossed that this is the right path for me to take. Time will tell ofc, watch this space.

The website is looking quite pro already, I just need to research and work on the content – and that is the bit taking the most time. It is fun to learn and be creative at the same time. I’m not sure I’ll be an amazing web developer one day but at least I’ll know quite a lot more by the end of the project.

Peace out! 🙂

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2 Responses to Week of turmoil!

  1. etellerandet says:

    Kvinfo sound amazing. I got it into my head they were “for” battered women or something. Oops.

  2. loobylou2 says:

    Hehe, they would probably welcome battered women in for a ‘cuppa’ too… Quick update – it took them less than 2 days to find a mentor – I expect a phone call in the next week!

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