A new chapter?

Well, this week was definitely easier than the previous one!  For one, both my fella and I have been made a heap of progress with the website and we are quite pleased with the almost complete article!  Of course, it will need improving and updating as time goes on but am looking forward to publishing – hopefully later this week!  Who knows if it will be a hit with others yet, but we enjoyed creating it.

I also met my ‘potential’ new mentor yesterday.  The first meeting was more about speaking to each other and seeing if we could work together.  We seemed to hit it off fairly well and spoke for nearly 2 hours, always a good sign.

She was very sweet and seemed to want to help with my Danish, especially after I had told her about my terrible experience at the Sprogskole, which I abandoned last year.  Now the damned place won’t release me until I complete the module I had only just started.  So, I can’t get the permission needed to go to an alternative Sprogskole.  They knew how unhappy I was after passing my first exam, but after my second exam I was at breaking point and couldn’t face another day there.  There was next to no student support, I seemed to be the only European there, was extremely isolated and felt that I only passed my exams because the teachers were rushing us through the system.

Hey ho!  Lets hope the mentor can agree to take me on and influence things a little so I can resume progress with the damn language in Copenhagen, instead of the suburbs…  She does come from a teaching background so may have some weight in her discussions with the relevant establishments.  The VUC (adult education centre) was mentioned too, we’re not sure if I can find a place there yet.  She also thinks I am too self critical and ought to stop punishing myself for not getting as far as I should have by now…

I am told that not all language schools are as bad as the one I experienced, but have heard so many negative things about them too.  The material taught was also a little irrelevant – I don’t want to read about other foreign families and children and that’s all it ever seemed to be.  I was disappointed that they didn’t teach material which included Danish culture, daily life stuff (job interviews, reading the news, talking to landlords, caretakers, doctors and general people you come into contact with in the real world) stimulating adult themes generally, and how to deal with confrontation or problems that you may encounter as a foreigner.  Maybe my expectations are too high – afterall the lessons are free for 3 years.  Though, I am no teacher so maybe the subjects I preferred were a little more advanced for my level, who knows…

I have tried to study at home and it’s not easy – too many distractions and no motivation don’t help.  My confidence at speaking Danish is at it’s lowest right now, which is very sad as I really wanted to learn.

I was also told that the municipalities here offer social groups/clubs for those with common hobbies, and it would help if I mixed with other Danish speaking people – heard that before but will research it further.

I just hope I have someone on my side who knows the system and can help me move on now!

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6 Responses to A new chapter?

  1. Ulf Westerlund says:

    good luck lucy, I hope for the best for you 🙂

  2. Pygmalion says:

    Oh, many schools are pretty poor and if you dare say so – shame shame shame on you. I live on an island and the kommune forced me to commute for 3+ hours 3 times a week in the beginning, Eventually I objected (a BIG no no – one is supposed to play along, but at least you seem to be from an EU country and so have that going for you). So they put me in evening classes and they didn;t know which ones I should be in, so they moved me from one to the other – no advanced notice, just would take that long ferry ride and get there and find out that there was no one to receive the homework I did because I was now in a different class. “Didn’t anyone tell you?” Er. Nope.
    Eventually I worked out a deal where I read the governments instructions TO the schools themselves (called “vejledning”) and saw what I was required to learn in order to pass Level 3. I made up my own curriculum to meet that objective and asked for approval of it and a half an hour with a teacher a few times a week. At this point, they offered classes on the island where I lived – though they had all levels in the same class so . . . Anyway, I got the half hour (which was more like 15 minutes because other students would interrupt) and finally took the last test and passed.

    You are not alone sister!
    Good luck and welcome to the land that I am leaving as soon as I can.
    It may be green. They may be happy.
    But Denmark is great – if you are Danish.
    And, I am not.

    • loobylou2 says:

      Sounds like a very rough ride for you too, you were wise to make up your own curriculum. If you still have it…. 😉 Good luck on your journey to a better place.


    Sad to hear that sprogskole can still suck, been there, got the Tshirt.

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