The new all speaking, dancing, singing website! – this website has now been taken down and no longer exists.

Well, after 3 weeks of web code, HTML, CSS and Javascript both my fella and I completed the project!

It was mostly fun to do but there were times when we (ok, mostly me) lost our patience with it…  We are complete amateurs but after spending the last few years here, trolling through other similar stuff online, we decided to accept the challenge and try to put our own style and design up there alongside the others.  It also gave me a bit to do to help fill in the boredom.

I ordered 3 books and as soon as the delivery landed we set off on our merry mission.  If truth be told, the books were hardly used really – most of our ‘how do we do this’ questions were answered by googling the answers – it seemed quicker.  And, the books were a little vague on the use of scripts and overall design.  So the coding may be a little ‘squiffy’ and all over the place…

Obtaining the domain was easy, as Steffen already had an existing one which had just been left gathering dust and cobwebs.  We used a web hotel (surftown), which allows you to have space on a server and utilise a web uploader tool, the domain was also bought via surftown.  We chose Microsoft Expression Web as our html editor and did all our graphic work in Adobe Photoshop CS4.  I can honestly say that I actually started to enjoy and understand and finally appreciate PS a lot more once I had a bit of a grasp on how it worked!  And, Steffen was very patient helping me get to grips with it  😉

The content is hopefully satisfactory – though there is always more we could add and probably will.  I predict that it would be of most help to foreigners who are planning to come to Denmark or those who have been here for a short time.  But, it would be nice to try and update it for those of us who have spent a lot longer over here, at a later date.

We are not completely finished with it and are not sure how useful others will find it but we are open to positive criticism and happy to keep making it a better place to browse.  We still have to make a tweak somewhere for it to be more compatible with damned Mozilla Fox, and the danish pronounciation section needs to be tweaked, as it only works with Google Chrome… but we were keen to get it out there and looked at asap.

We hope it gets used and the forums start becoming populater very soon!

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