Sprogskole Part 1…

I thought it best to document all this just to try and make sense of it all in my own head – here goes…

Started Albertslund Sprogskole in May 2010.

Passed exam number 1 in October 2010, after a lot of messing about concerning exam dates and going through the hassle of waiting for 3 hours to sit one exam and being told they don’t have time to test me (after an admin/teacher error).  I had sat there and watched a whole bunch of fellow students go through the tests and supported them…!  They were also shocked.

So, I throw my dummy out the pram and attend e-sprogskole class a month later (November 2010), as I was tired of the admin cock ups, classroom re-shuffles and felt I did more studying at home than at school.  Albertslund sprogskole (old annex building in the middle of nowhere) was also a dump and depressing place to go too.

I found the e-sprogskole impossible – the ‘once a week’ skype meeting with the tutor was a nightmare, other students were late, not there or they had a lot of noise and/or children crying in the background.

Ok, my first request to transfer to the Copenhagen Sprogskole was made in March 2011.  I had to speak to a counsellor, only to be told that I needed to finish my current module first.  Fine, by then the Albertslund Sprogcenter had merged with another school and they had a new building closer to home, in Glostrup.  We agreed I would finish my module there.

Hey ho, back to class I go and finish test number 2 in September 2011.  I have to point out here that this module test was no stress free ride either.  This time they decided to trick me and sent me off to prepare for my 30 minute written exam first (for the following morning).  Well, the next morning I got a shock!  I ended up going through a verbal test, which I completely stuffed up and was totally ill prepared for, a listening test, reading test and the written test, 3 hours later……  I was livid!  But somehow, I passed!

I didn’t even know I had passed test number 2 until I went to school the next day and the teacher sent me upstairs to the new class.

Now, because I apparently attended one or possibly 2 lessons on the next module, I am told by the Glostrup Sprogskole that I still can’t transfer to Copenhagen because I need to finish this module and they have already received the funding from my local municipality.

Bear in mind, I only endured a living hell there so I could finish the previous module and could not bear the thought of going back there again.  The staff were confusing, the only time any of the other students spoke to me was if they wanted something, otherwise they all stuck to their other foreign groups (speaking anything other than Danish or English).  I had been going to that school with tears in my eyes and feeling sick, so was not going to endure more of the same for another module.

Well, the battle continues… After a break from it all, I tried to leave again and formerly requested a transfer in June this year.  Rejected!

This week I am being dicked about again (my mentor has tried to help but I found myself in the same place I was before really).  So I have had to send in the big guns – min kæreste.  It was only thanks to him that I managed to get an appointment with the Copenhagen Sprogskole counsellor next week, the receptionist tried to fob me off with the usual – do you have permission from your kommune, and we can’t enrol you until you do nonsense.  Luckily, my fella was with me when I popped over to see them and they ended up in full Danish discussion about it all.

So, now we have to go on a blazing trail to the local kommune and find someone sane there to sort this out – after trying to get help from them before about looking for work my glass is half empty!

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