An okay week in DK!

Well, I guess this week has been a bit of a winner!

Firstly, I start back at language school (after a 1 year break)!  I got accepted at Copenhagen’s sprogskole, even though they are outside my local region 🙂  Of course there was red tape and drama to go through to get the break, but I now just have from October until next spring to get myself through at least another module of dansk (then my 3 years of free dansk lessons are up).  Though I may have the chance to study further with the FVU there :O

I guess I should brush up on my lack of dansk this next few weeks and try and whizz through the next module asap, just in case I encounter further problems with the new sprogcenter.  Yeah, you guessed it – I am very cynical about the way they operate these days…  And now I hear they plan to make big cuts too click me

I do have a plan B, if the dansk lektioner go belly up again…  This involves obtaining a computer science degree.  But I am still waiting to see if I am accepted there (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology).

I also got to catch up with fellow Brit and best friend over here – Karen!  I’ll have to ban her from going away again on holiday, for weeks at a time!  I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her now.   We had a super time at the Wisecrackers Scandinavian Comedy Night and laughed our asses off to a German (YES, GERMAN) comedian, called Christian Schulte-Loh!  He was just what the doc should always order.  I also got the chance to feel useful again and help sort out her husband’s laptop, though I had to slightly fight off the competition from my dejlig, extremely IT nerdy kæreste to fix it up 🙂

I have also started gaining a little energy again, after seeing the doc and being treated for a very bad case of vitamin D deficiency.  Based on a normal scale of 50-75, I scored 22!  Now I know the DK summer could have been much better but still… :O

On the downside, I do feel compelled to mention the following new FB page that has caught my attention this last week or so – Click here.  Roughly translated – ‘Welcome to Denmark.  If you don’t like being here, **** off’.  I’m a little shocked and alarmed by the growing number of members – currently at 35,700!  A few of us non Danes have reported it already, but it’s murky face is still loitering around :/

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