Shop ’til you drop horror

Retail therapy and dress hunting – with a language difference, changes your experience and future perspective of the event, just a little!

It was one of those times when a girl has to go out and shop for something a little special and drop dead gorgeous to wear.  I guess I’m still a girl and not always the self confessed nerdy thing I claim to be, so off we pop to the DK shops…

First shock – OMG!  My dress size is a little on the larger side than it used to be.  Then comes the bewilderment of other European dress sizes – they are very subjective and I simply don’t have one specific size any longer, it all depends on where you go and the many different interpretations of sizes.  Now I know that the UK sizes differed slightly at times – but only by 1 dress size not 2 or 3.

The fact that you are addressed and greeted in EVERY single shop is a little cute at first, but not when you are on a marathon trip and the shops visited are well into the double figures…  Even worse, you are asked “har du brug for hjælp?” (or other such phrases), to which you naturally reply (in Danish) and they begin answering you in English – despite the fact that you persist and continue to answer in Danish.  And, I’m sure that this doesn’t happen as a regular occurrence, but in one of the shops I was convinced that the 2 assistants were seriously ‘into’ other (English) women – they wouldn’t stop staring at me or leave me alone.  I’m surprised I actually tried a few of their things on, but I quickly reverted to my own kit and scuttled away when they asked how I was doing, whilst in the changing rooms too!

I trekked all over Copenhagen, Fisketorvet, Rødovre Centrum and Høje Taastrup.  My poor feet were in agony but not being able to find that ‘something special’ was becoming personal.  Plus, I realised that the more I shopped, the less likely I wanted to have to repeat the experience again, for quite some time – so I persevered.  I managed it all in 2 days – and my will simply broke, so I then decided (before I collapsed) to settle for something cheap and cheerful 😦

Then, with purchases in the bag, I toddled off home to my man, who unwisely (after having a real hum dinger of a week with) stated that the outfit was a little on the short side :O  He’s too cute to stay angry with for very long – lucky for him…

There is still a chance I may mail order from one of my favourite British shops – will see if I can dress this result up a bit first.

I guess I have ‘experience’ on my side a little more now and in future I will:

  1. not bother trying to speak Danish,
  2. avoid potential dodgy retail assistants asap,
  3. lose weight before the next trip,
  4. find an iphone conversion application

I guess the only good thing about it all was the level of other shoppers!  The tourist season is over, the weather is wet and crap, and the streets were nearly back to being deserted for the next 5 months or so. 😀

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2 Responses to Shop ’til you drop horror

  1. etellerandet says:

    They thought you were going to shoplift. That’s why they follow foreigns around like that. :/
    Just shop in the UK, I don’t think I’ve bought any clothes here.

  2. loobylou2 says:

    OMG! That thought didn’t even cross my mind – but you could be right :/ Just never experienced such weird behaviour before…

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