Sprogskole Part 2…

Well, here goes….

Finally – the start date was earlier this week!  I actually had to miss the 1st 2 days (of 4) due to a rather severe migraine that lasted way too long!  Not the best start in the world 😦

The school is situated in an area resembling that of a dump site, depressing to see out of the 1st floor windows.  Thankfully the interior is not too shabby, and they have a decent canteen.  So, I can load up on coffee if I need some stimulant to keep me going throughout dansk torture.

My first day began yesterday with a teacher who thought she was Lady Gaga (one of my classmates made the comparison and was completely spot on) – though, she certainly looked a damned sight better than that and carried the look off rather well.  Not what you’d expect for school, but I am cool with it if she is.  I did think she was a student before one of the others discreetly told me she was one of our teachers :O  We actually got a study book to use and have at home – though it is all about the Danish education system here.  /yawn

The group consisted of foreigners from all over:- Thailand, Vietnam, different parts of Africa, Bulgaria, Mexico and me.  So, quite a mix.  I think a few of us were hard work for the teacher as she did seem a little tired and very relaxed with the workload.

Day 2 – Teacher number 2 was very different.  He was fun but had a little more authority, and our group may need it a little.  We got to talk about various stuff before watching a thought provoking film about girls from Thailand, living in DK.  This got paused several times to allow for some discussion, which was challenging to follow.  And, he actually gave us some decent homework to do, in relation to the film.  The film was called ‘Fra Thailand til Thy’.

My classmates mostly speak English, so it is very hard to keep speaking Danish when we all understand another language so well, but we tried (and mostly reverted to English when the teacher was out of earshot).  I am a little worried that the pace is not fast enough yet but most of our work is a little tougher to understand so maybe that’s for the best, for now.  Also, I’m not sure how adult education is supposed to work in DK, or if there is any etiquette to it at all.  I just remember the UK standard having a little more direction, being a little more formal and not so relaxed about the time keeping…  Also, I’m a little disappointed with the level of unnecessary breaks for the smokers and those needing to get away from the classroom, for some reason only known to them.  Maybe the teachers need them just as much.

In summary, it’s been much better than the last sprogskole I attended.  I can live with the little quirks that currently exist and may even pass another module, just need to find out what the next module exam entails now….

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