I feel the need…

…to blog!

Ok, it’s been a while and I will probably have to rant off in snippets here.

Dansk Sprogskole – Now completed 2 weeks and we are on a 1 week holiday :O  I guess I didn’t start when the other cool kids did (September), so I guess they need a break more than I do.  So far it’s not been too bad, but not that great either.  Most of my studying is done at home, the classmates take some getting used to and the lessons are somewhat challenging and Danish really does give me a headache.  I think I should be able to pass the next module some time next spring…  Then my free lessons are up and it’s questionable whether or not I can get into FVU (designed for students who have passed a Danish Exam and would like to learn more).  Fingers crossed.  I just find it so frustrating that even when you study so hard, you are still unable to hold a decent conversation outside the classroom (which is the only safe environment for us dansk noobs to feel ok about sounding silly).

Hair cut – I popped along to Københavns Frisørskole for a cheap and cheerful haircut.  The place was a little sparse and could use some interior design decor experts but the hairdressers were friendly and they did a good job with my locks.  I actually had a girl from Iraq doing my hair.  She was on the last month of training and did a great job.  The conversation was much more stimulating than the every day hairdresser chit chat – I was so stunned and initially didn’t know what to say when she stated that life over there was much better when Saddam Hussein was still alive.  I guess we all have different points of view and I tried to understand where she was coming from…  Anyway, we left on very good terms and I’d be very happy to let her loose with a pair of hairdresser scissors again 🙂

Social life – we’ve been to a few events in the past few weeks now and I have to say it’s getting tough to go out.  The weather is crap, it’s dark and when I know I am going to be the only English person, then it’s do or die time for me.  Once I am there it’s not so bad – it doesn’t take long for anyone to start feeling woozy and it becomes easier to mingle with all or most.  I actually tried to have a dansk conversation at one point but the alcohol (which seemed to help at the time) probably didn’t do me any favours…

Other bits and pieces – I’ve been trying to avoid negative press about Denmark.  Just because it is so easy to blame everything that goes wrong in daily life on the fact that it’s just because I am here in DK, when in fact it could happen anywhere.  I’m not doing well at it – as the only news or remotely interesting things I can read here in DK are not written in Danish, and therefore aimed towards certain topics, relating to problems facing foreigners.  Time to get that vpn server sorted so I can see all the bad news in the UK too!

I am also still struggling with my weight here.  I do miss the bigger variety of food stuff I used to get (healthier choices too), the tendency to over drink is sometimes too great and the cold dark nights mean that I’ll be spending more time glued to films and playing board games than ever.  I have tried the gym since arriving in DK and can’t stand the mundane treadmill, cycles and rowing machines etc.  Though, I now have the monthly s-tog travel card, so may be able to find better places to walk/cycle outside my own immediate area…

KVINFO (Danish Centre for Information on Gender, Equality and Diversity) – I decided to give that one up, mostly because my head was not in the right place and I felt that it didn’t quite meet my expectations.  I guess I was hoping for a super life saving experience, when in fact it just seems to be there to take the edge off things a little, which I can kinda do myself.  The events held seem to be mostly in Danish and I think most of the foreigners who need mentoring and guidance are non Danish speaking people.  Maybe I just joined at the wrong time.

KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology) – Where do I start with this one???  I have had an organisation in London trying to help me sort this one out (Degrees Ahead).  I sent my application to study off in May/June this year and had no word from them as to whether they have accepted my application or when I start.  Both Degrees Ahead and myself have called them, spoken to them and received no news.  I know I am supposed to start in January 2013, but had no confirmation that this will ever happen.  The online process for applying to study here is beyond a joke (Optagelse) and supposedly designed for foreign  speaking students too.  I guess if I hear from them (ever) it will happen before the supposed start date, but I’m not holding my breath and will just assume it’s not happening…

Well, that’s it for now.  Will follow up with a relevant Danish topic in the near future…

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One Response to I feel the need…

  1. HOX says:

    Maybe a contact to the EU would be an idea, they are really quite effective…link http://europa.eu/europedirect/introducing/index_en.htm#offer – you can dig deeper into the system and maybe find help / answers regarding the lack of a response from DK regarding your application…just an idea!

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