Dansk Sprogskole er en dårlig vittighed!

I guess I am reaching the premature end of another beautiful relationship, with yet another sprogskole…

Well, when you go into your lesson not quite knowing what to expect and subsequently the teacher says – ‘Hvad skal vi lære idag?” then you know it’s potentially going to be a shit lesson.  When the idea of insults and bad Danish words is snapped up, before any other ideas are provided, then the lesson is simply becoming more of a waste of time.  Afterall, we all knew the good and bad things to say, it seems.  After reviewing the module test criteria, you then confirm your beliefs that this lesson is not relevant and you could be learning more about stuff that is, including the more important work/job topic.

And, why on earth we need to take 2 x 15-20 minute breaks in just 3 hours 15 mins of study is beyond me, especially when one of them is so close to leaving time anyway!

I am so tired of hearing more Thai in my class too.  We are completely discouraged from using any English (until it’s a last resort or convenient for the teacher) but the Thai language is quite prevalent in class, at all times.  It’s tricky enough to learn one language and I don’t need the added headache of listening to constant unintelligible crap, which is also irrelevant in a Danish language class.

Plus, where is the homework?  I have had next to no homework since going back to sprogskole – hardly encouraging or motivational at all!

If there are any other ways to learn this godforsaken language, that don’t cost the earth (private tuition) then I’d be happy to know about them.

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5 Responses to Dansk Sprogskole er en dårlig vittighed!

  1. thebankes says:

    It is somewhat of a relief to know that I’m not the only one in sprogskole questioning the utility of many of our lessons and the need for a break (ours, at least, is just one 30-minute break — but why can’t they just put it at the end of the class so we can get out half an hour earlier??). We have had some totally useless days too, and often our instructor appears to be just barely putting any effort into it (while other days she is decent) — it’s a mixed bag. Hopefully you haven’t yet experienced anything quite this bizarre though: http://danishdetour.wordpress.com/2012/11/09/passed-and-then-things-got-weird/

  2. loobylou2 says:

    Breaks at the end of the lesson = perfect! As for the link – just read it and am a little outraged, but guess I should just expect this kind of thing to happen at a sprogskole…

  3. annmucc says:

    This is exactly why I stopped going to Danish lessons. A teacher who has no plan for the lesson? Check! Why do we need to spend most of the time wasting time rather than actually getting down to business? Check! During my second Danish lesson we actually started the lesson by learning how to swear in Danish and how to rank them from most to least polite. As if THAT is the most important 2 lessons in! I asked if there is any further work I could do (we NEVER got any homework), and teacher replied that there is no need to do more work than the 3hrs we do in class (mostly wasting time). I am plannign to start again and try to get me on the course with a different teacher I have been told is good. But not holding my breather for anything.

    So glad to read that I am not expecting too much to want a teacher with a plan!

  4. loobylou2 says:

    Good luck Ann. It is documented somewhere that the drop rate in Sprogskole is high – what do they do about it – threaten to cut spending… Why can’t they just ask us to help with constructive feedback, even if just by collating survey data. :/

    • annmucc says:

      I actually don’t think that they really care. Or at least that is the impression that I got. It doesn’t seem to dawn on them that the drop out rate is so high because there is something wrong. Oh well. Hoping for the best!

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