The times they are a-changin

If your time to you
Is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’.

Blow me sideways!!!  I have had my years worth of compliments about my Dansk in 4 days!  Not able to keep it up too much yet though – it’s freakin hard work.  But still, after literally drinking far too much whiskey and rum (/blames the boyfriend’s mum) I let rip in dansk for what felt like a few hours, but was probably just 20 mins.  Key is obviously drink and get wasted before taking the plunge – probably not a good idea to do that in all ordinary, daily situations though…

However, (while out shopping for presents today – uden alkohol) the shopkeeper made small talk with me and didn’t revert to English or go silent on me for a change, then said my ‘dansk var flot’!  Not sure I want to speak it now as it attracts too much attention and embarrassing pleasantries.

It’s a small step forward in a tough battle to get to even this basic level, especially as I now teach myself (after giving up with the language schools here).  I have researched all I need to know in order to pass Prøve i Dansk 3 and am working through all the study books independently now.  It may take another few years but at least I know now that it’s best to just rely on myself (and my Danish boyfriend) to get through it.

Alas, I guess this year is nearly over, and again – I’ve achieved not a hell of a lot.  But I do feel a little better about making a fool of myself when I speak – go girl! :O

Now I just need to get through another (3rd) Chrimbo/New Year in DK again…  Luckily, we are spending that with my Engelsk girlfriend and her Dansk mand.  We did miss out on ‘J’ day.   But, there is the Julefrokost (or 2) to host, the English equivalent of the Queen’s speech to listen to, dancing around the dangerously candle-lit Chrimbo tree before present opening (on the eve of 24th, not morning of 25th), munching through copious amounts of dinner (including caramalised potatoes) and stuffing our faces with ris  a l’amande (form of rice pudding) etc…  Actually, it doesn’t sound so bad 😉  Then finally, the New Year’s eve traditional TV program (Dinner for One) – should really come with a warning…  😉

(NB:  There is a ‘P’ day here too – at easter…) :O

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