Ok, am having a really tough week – so this blog is not going to be a happy one…

Topic = employment – or rather, lack of it!  As Peter Gabriel succinctly put it:-

moved on to another town
tried hard to settle down
for every job, so many men
so many men no-one needs

Two things have amplified my mood this week.  The first moment came when trying to write a piece about studying and working towards a new job, in Danish.  This is yet to appear on my Mere Dansk page… [EDIT: now visible]  I had the idea that trying to work towards a translator or teach Danish to other foreigners may be a good one.  Then, reality hit me and I thought of all the Danes who already know both languages – and who are already miles ahead of me there…  I’d not only have to study again for many years, but I’d also have to take on some fierce competition.

Secondly, I see this article about Job seekers in DK…  This is not going to benefit me or any other foreigners, who are not in receipt of ‘dagpenge‘.  The article is basically saying that all those who are (luckily) in receipt of benefits, have been unemployed for a long time, and are affected by the government’s benefit reform (halving the length of time that the unemployed can claim benefits) are given “first crack at the jobs created in both the public and private sector“.  The employers are going to be given a monetary incentive to take on those about to lose their dagpenge, to help encourage the whole concept .  Obviously, the idea of people losing their benefit is going to kick start them into finding any work.  Ok, so I realise that DK have their share of unemployment troubles to tackle, and they need to do something about it, but I just can’t help thinking (selfishly) that this is going to have a negative knock on affect for others who are even less fortunate.

I am constantly concerned that my former glory days are just going down the pan and I have to question what the future holds here.  I have had next to no interest in my LinkedIn profile, my skills are becoming retarded and irrelevant and I am sinking into bad unemployment habits…  The fact that it’s deemed a big success to have menial work here at all is depressing.  I now wonder if I could even find work back ‘home’ after spending so much wasted time without a job, which has never been a problem before!

Oh well, rant over (for now) and off to do the ‘ladies who lunch’ thing, before coming back to my independent dansk sprogstudier…

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2 Responses to Lost

  1. Anibal Damiao says:

    Double checking your posts and their links may help you getting a job since “attention to detail” is a needed skill nowadays. Link to Linkedin doesn’t work

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