Bad neighbours!

Well, I have just had a vodka to calm myself down, after shouting at the neighbours upstairs :/  And, they are still being total and utter bastards.

It was hard enough to do it all in Danish, but I guess I am becoming good at something in this language!

Finally (2am), Steffen called the police (as I threatened we would do) and they asked us to call again in 30 minutes if it persists.  I’ve also written up a letter to the other neighbours to lodge a formal complaint.

Honestly, this is the last sort of behaviour I need right now.  The girl upstairs was very hostile and I came down shaken after the whole experience.  I am hopeless at handling confrontation and hate the way it makes me feel.  But they have had this coming for a while now and I intend to see it through, until peace is restored.

The laughable excuse for this party was that it was their ‘Yulefrokost’ – since when did Christmas lunch not only take place in November, but go on until this time of night?  And, I have attended these events without the noise level of the above chavs.  When I explained that my guy was at work at 6am – it was “his problem”, and “it is Friday night”….

Why oh why can people not just go out and make a noise over here, instead of expecting others to live through their inconsiderate crap?

UPDATE – 27 Nov 2012

Well, I guess the formal complaint isn’t going anywhere.  None of the neighbours are bothered by the noise (loud base music, banging, shouting, dragging furniture around).  The noise level appears to have the most affect on us (downstairs).  I think one of the neighbours is elderly and slightly deaf anyway.

We have been told that we need a neighbour to sign a complaint letter before they can take action.  So, it’s either live with it, hire a sniper or continue to annoy them back by calling the police (and wasting their time)…

Success! – 29 Nov 2012

Well, I guess I wrote the update above a little prematurely!  We have the signature from one of the neighbours this weekend.  This should prove positive in our war against noisy chavs.

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8 Responses to Bad neighbours!

  1. That’s rather impressive you yelled at them in Danish. I would still be unable to do that.

  2. loobylou2 says:

    Update: We had a letter from the Letting Agent/Landlord here. They wrote to let us know that they have given our upstairs neighbours a written warning 🙂

  3. You made a number of fine points there. I did a search on the topic and found a good number of persons will agree with your blog.

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