To do in December!

Well, the snow is here, the temperatures are hitting minus degrees and there ain’t no sunshine in DK.  So, how do we live, love and be happy in a cold, dark build up to the Christmas festivities…  I thought something along the lines of a survival guide, for those of us who can’t stand the cold would be a nice idea, so here it is!  And, it’s done in true Danish fashion 🙂

Most importantly, in my opinion – make some home made Gløgg!  My recent recipe was a hit and am planning to make more of it v soon.  And, here’s how I did it:


I bottle of red wine, 0.3 litres of vodka, 0.1 litre of orange juice, 1 vanilla pod, a handful of cloves, 1 teaspoon of cardamom powder (you can use seeds or pods too), 1 cinnamon stick, piece of ginger and some sugar to taste.  Almonds and raisins are optional and can be added into the glasses at the end.


Heat up the wine and vodka, but don’t boil.  Once heated add the orange juice and all other ingredients.  I used some v large tea filters for the spices etc, so that the liquid remained uncloudy and didn’t contain any bits.  Leave it all to simmer for as long as you can stand there and watch it – but at least 45 mins, to allow for a nicer flavour.

Also, light up a Julelys or more and enjoy the warm fuzzy glow from both the gløgg and the burning wax!

Next on my list would have to be Schnapps.  I’ve never made this but would like to try.  I found a few recipe ideas here.

OK, now that we’re warm and fuzzy – why not cook up some Pebernødder (Christmas biscuit treats).  While you’re at it – you can try your hand at Æbleskiver – a nice breakfast treat to wake up to!

Now, you’re really starting to warm up and can probably handle the idea of holding a Julefrokost or 2 during December, but remember if you are inviting Danes that they book themselves to these events months in advance…  This is just a cosy night in with candles, lots of different food and lots of drinks!

There is a ‘friendly’ party game to play here too, called pakkeleg.   In the game, you put all the presents in the centre of the table. Then you pass a dice around and whoever rolls a 6 gets to take a present. Once all the presents are gone from the middle of the table, you set a timer and pass the dice again. This time, if you get a 6 you can steal presents from other people sitting near you.

Traditionally, the Julefrokost menu consists of:

Organic dark rye bread, organic light rye bread, soft white bread, herring, onions, hard boiled eggs, prawns, fried Danish plaice fillets, remoulade, lemon wedges, Danish meatballs (Frikadeller) with red cabbage, Danish Liverpate (Stryhns) with bacon and mushrooms, Beetroot, Green salad, and Ris a l’ amande with cherry sauce

If you feel fat and full and in need of shedding the pounds before the actual Christmas meals etc, then why not pop over to Tivoli, and see all the dazzling lights on display, very hyggelig and Danish 😉

If all the above fail, there is always Prozac – which I am sure has something to do with the idea that DK is verdens lykkeligste eller bedste nation :O

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3 Responses to To do in December!

  1. painla says:

    You and steffen should try and live here ^^
    roughly -20 to -30 degrees celcius and about 50 cm snow, that’s life =P

  2. Steffen says:

    I lived on Greenland for two years, I know what real snow looks like. The size of the snow caves you could make in the drifts… Those were the days 😀

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