So, that was Christmas

Another year nearly over and the new one not yet begun. I guess the anti climax day for every one here and overseas has passed and the lull before New Year celebrations has set in (unless you’re out shopping already).

Boxing day (or 2nd Christmas day) is here and this is my time to reflect and think about my father, who would have been another year older today. God knows what he’d say to me about my life in DK right now… He’d probably be half expecting that call from me – asking to be met at the airport, after previously failing to make a life for myself in sunny Spain so many years ago!

I’m still feeling stuffed like a turkey from the Christmas meal, 2 days ago. After spending my 3rd Christmas here, it still feels odd to celebrate the event on the 24th December. I just feel a little weird and lost on the 25th, it’s like an early Boxing Day now. We tried to have a proper cooked meal again on the 25th, but our hearts weren’t in it and food was the least thing on our minds. So, amazingly and shockingly, we ordered takeaway! In my defence, I did bake some buns for breakfast – bacon sandwiches = v yummmmy.

Our Christmas (24th) this year was very relaxed and done in part Danish, part English style – it helps when 50% of us are from either side. The food was awesome and it was also about variety – something I miss a little here. I’m not suggesting that the Danes don’t have nice food, I just think that normally the vegetables are a little lacking and non too creative/fancy. And, though I’m not a strict dietician or health freak, my body still tells me I need more veg on my plate… Opening presents on the eve of the 24th still feels wrong – but I can’t bring myself to wait, especially when it’s the tradition here. We skipped the dancing around the tree (hurrah!) and just passed presents to each other, while guzzling a bottle of port 🙂

To be honest, I’m not really a big fan of the whole aspect of Christmas, especially the commercial side. I’d quite happily skip it and head off to a remote hut in the middle of nowhere, with no access to anything relating to the whole event – but when your in the midst of it all and surrounded by the seasonal/traditional frivolity then I guess you easily get caught up in it all and lap it up. I guess Christmas just feels out of sync for me, as a foreigner. However, it was nice to spend it with cosy friends. And, we did see some of my guy’s family (currently in the Caribbean) via mobile video chat – technology these days… :O

There are already expectations of where we will be next year – I guess lots of people have commitments each year for these festivities. I’ve just never been a conformist and prefer to be a free bird, but that comes from being in a distant family who have always been scattered all over the place, and who are far from being close – on many levels. Danish families seem to be far closer than I have seen/experienced before, but I guess – my own family are probably not the best comparison in the world either.

I have to think about the content of the year before the next ‘silly season’ starts… My language skills need a kick up the backside again (by me!), I need to freshen up with the whole job searching task, lose all the weight I’ve put on in the last year or so, improve my general health and well-being, not take things too personally and develop a thick skin. I guess the nonsensical New Year resolutions are on my mind a little – but these are becoming a little more meaningful these days. I have no excuse for slacking and need to get my act together again. Above all, I hope to make my blog site a more entertaining and pleasureable read 😉

So, good luck to all in 2013. Cheers / Skål (if you are sitting there with a drink already)! 😀

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2 Responses to So, that was Christmas

  1. And good luck to you, too, in 2013!

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