Hej 2013!

I guess I have to start somewhere this year, and what better way to kick off this blog than with a few new goals and aspirations in mind.

As I am resolved to spending another year here, Dansk has to take top priority. I have just ordered my next study book – At arbejde (work). This will hopefully help with more than just the language, but with the job culture / application process too! I plan to update my work here within the dansk tabs above as soon as possible. I also must finish reading/listening to ‘Huset der kaldte sig Oskar’ (the house that called itself Oscar), and write a book review. Additionally, Borgen (series 2) needs to be watched, and a small synopsis could be typed up! So there we go – small positive steps for January/February. I just know that I still won’t be able to hold down a full blown Danish conversation with a Dane for some time yet and have started to accept it – hope they can do the same in the meantime…

I guess my health is also on my mind a lot these days and I’m not getting any younger. Firstly, the dreaded bicycle needs taking out and about on the many cycle paths we have in DK. There is absolutely no excuse for not using it, apart from the shitty weather of course! Though, that doesn’t stop the Danes – whom I’ve seen cycling in the worst possible weather conditions. They must be mental or very hardened to the elements – am going for a bit of both! Ok, so maybe I could at least make shorter distances until the weather (greatly) improves.

I also need to try and eat more fresh fruit and veg – my body can’t take the strain of a frikadeller, kartofler, pizza, burgers and alcohol diet. Well, it seems as though that is all I consume – it probably isn’t as bad as all that. But, all the refined carbs are not good for my system and need to be dropped! Winter home cooking is not much better, unless I make a few healthier choices there too. I have never felt so unhealthy in all my life and it needs to change NOW.

Progress here will be ongoing and reviewed…

The apartment
Thankfully we’ve had little noise from the neighbours since our complaint a few months ago, so we may peacefully cohabitate here for a few more years yet. However, this place needs a few touches of PAINT – I am tired of plain white walls everywhere – it’s so clinical. I’m not suggesting we go all psychodelic but a little more colour would compliment the place, just a little. Just need to get the partner to be onboard with the whole paint project idea… 😉 I’m letting this one hang around until later this year and the weather allows us to actually open the windows more!

Out and about / general stuff
We have had some luck here, with the partner’s company car. New legislation here meant that the whole deal with car license plates has changed and it was in best interests all round to replace the Commercial Vehicle (yellow) plate with a combined Commercial and Private Vehicle plate. The deal was sweetened when all petrol costs would be paid for by the employer! So, seeing more of DK is a must now, and possibly more trips to Sweden – and maybe even Germany (we have a lot of room to hold stuff for the booze cruise)….

I also wish to host an Oktoberfest party this year (25th October). This would be to mark Denmark’s J day, but also nearly coincides with the end of the German Oktoberfest – details to be confirmed here… But, if it all goes to plan – then be prepared to strap on your best lederhosen or dirndl!

Well, that is all I can say for now – it’s not all sounding like a bad start. I just hope that this year is more fun than the last one and there are more opportunities and prospects for the future.

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2 Responses to Hej 2013!

  1. Ashley Copeland says:

    As an unofficial member of the household, I approve of the booze cruise as long as it comes to England, we can replenish supplies and dispatch for a quick turn around (we don’t want to be holed up in port all week) and embark for the rest of the voyage. hehe I may be over thinking things again:D

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