Jaded in January

Start to the year = pfft!

  1. Meaningful jobs applied for: 3
  2. Times out on bicycle: big fat 0
  3. Weather: barely reaching 0 degrees most days
  4. Mood level, on a scale of 1 to 10: -5, morbid and dark (bit like the average weather)
  5. Danish language progress: 1/4 of my way through ‘At arbejde’ study book, and finding it tough, watched Borgen series 2 and Forbrydelsen 3 (with subtitles).

So, that’s my summary of where I’m at this month – what else is new in DK so far in January 2013…  The answer is – not a lot really. Top stories here included:-

Passengers sitting by as twenty-year-old American is beaten in apparent racially-motivated attack on a bus
A video was released and broadcast on national TV, and it wasn’t a pretty sight. Firstly, I just can’t imagine the mentality of 4 guys taunting, kicking and punching another guy, for no apparent reason. But, what hit me even harder was the lack of help from the general public, or the bus driver! I can understand the more vulnerable members of society not wanting to get involved, but a bus full of people…? The driver should be sacked for not bothering to radio that there was a problem here, in my opinion. Sadly, I guess this type of behaviour is not just restricted to DK and is becoming the norm for many other countries.

Ongoing controversy about the state-owned train operator, DSB
Where do I begin here? Massively in debt, taking huge government bailouts, dubious think tank and PR campaign, firing consultants, reporters being silenced, and to top it all off – ridiculously high salaried trolley attendants! /popcorn

British PM (David Cameron) and his EU speech about the future of the UK within Europe
One that touched a nerve with me, as an expat. In short, the PM is willing to offer a referendum to the people of the UK, within the next 5 years. He is attempting to renegotiate the terms of the UK’s relationship within the EU and is calling for flexibility in relation to national differences. I personally don’t want to think about the effects this will have on us mere expats until it happens, if indeed it does happen (depending on political conjecture/assumptions).

Thomas Banke (Venstre) steps down as mayor (in Fredericia), following pressure from the former Prime Minister (Lars Løkke Rasmussen)
One of the youngest politicians I have seen and his career within politics is now in tatters! Drug use, extensive sick leave and inappropriate use of city council money have taken their toll and quite rightly pushed him out the door. Good riddance!

Flavia Oregon credits media pressure for her special dispensation to live and work in Denmark
A highly qualified woman from Peru, lived in DK for 10 years, speaks Danish, married to a Dane and has an 18 month old son – told to leave the country!
This sparked uproar in the press and social media. The reason for the supposed deportation: incomprehensible and bureaucratic immigration laws. Thankfully she has been granted the right to work here, while her family reunification application is being processed, which could take anything up to a year… I was speechless when I read about this case – and there are probably many others, very worrying.

I guess I should make plans for February, stop reading negative news and get my act together again. I just want this winter to end and am really feeling it this year. My projects for February are going to include: mere dansk, more exercise, less food and finding a good source of stress relief…

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