March = meh…

Uneventful, unproductive, fsking cold and lots of snow – that about sums most of it up.

Things we can successfully put a tick in the box for:-

  • Getting across the border to Germany for the day 😀
  • Receiving a small skat/tax refund, each! :O
  • A trip to the Karen Blixen museum 🙂
  • Getting drunk… oh wait a minute we do that anyway…

Ok, so time to start getting back into gear and improving again!  Though, both bikes have now been stolen, so fitness plan = severely set back 😦  Don’t even dare answer this blog with suggestions of “run”!  My heart would go into shock and probably stop before I set a single foot out of the door.  I guess it’s time for some good old fashioned trekking/walking – hopefully it’s stopped snowing until next winter now!

Dansk – well, you know me – L’l Miss Slack Sally…   I’m going to need to pressure myself a bit, so I promise to have another book review on this blog site – by the end of the month, and watch more Danish TV.  Though, I have now seen Flickering Lights (Blinkende Lygter) and will also promise to write a review – also by the end of the month!  There, feel better already!

I guess we have enough booze stocked up for a house party….  And the trip over the border was such a blessing (not that I am religious) – it was just like being liberated for a day, from hell DK.    And we did have fun all the way there and back – singing stupid songs and trying to read/speak German…

Hopefully I’ll pick up more to write about soon, as this month has been a little quiet and I have been very inactive – BAD LUCY.  I did hear a song I’d like to share though.  I am not a fan of the band or the type of music really – but the lyrics were just spot on (even though they may seem a little juvenile, and probably made for pubescent teenagers).  Link is here: Welcome to my Life!


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