Life on the farm ;)

So, what’s happening in the world of the blonde, crazy Brit in the land of windmills and clogs….?

Well, I guess I’ve turned my idle hands into green fingers and am now on a project to grow herbs and vegetables, oh – and olives! I guess it’s productive and could turn into something big – if I win the lottery and buy a few acres of field, land and a quaint little country home (….oh look, a butterfly, or a flying pig…).   Anyway, the parsley and mint seeds are just starting to sprout into life!  The rosemary has recently been housed, as has the new vegetable garden (consisting of tomato, leek, spinach, spring onion, broccoli and green beans) and the olive tree actually has baby olives! I may be onto something here, but not sure it will dramatically increase my woeful financial position for quite some time yet – if ever 😥  Hey ho, at least it keeps me entertained (stops me going nuts or bananas) and may save money on groceries one day (that is of course also dependent on the weather and how long summer/growing season lasts) 😉 I never had myself down as a cultivator – but life is like a box of chocolates, and can occasionally surprise you.

The volunteer work is fun but not a big challenge in life – but then, am I still ready for those old roller coaster rides, or have I lost my way/drive for good? At least I can feel useful for a little time during the weeks. Maybe I should start looking at a more sedate working life in future, whatever that may be… I still have no clue what I’m actually good for these days :/

I guess I have been a bit lazy with the job hunting and Dutch language self study lately – but partly blaming that on the silly, summer season and the high temperatures. To be brutally honest, I feel a little demotivated, dysfunctional, worthless and demorallised and need a tiny bit of breathing space before throwing my energy back into it all again. I guess even job hunters and study from home peeps need a break occassionally.

profile_pic8Of course, being fair skinned and open to physical abuse by the sun means I have spent a week suffering from sunstroke – but I got my healthy sun kissed glow and sun streaked golden locks. Oh, the things a girl will sometimes stupidly do in the name of vanity! Not sure the headaches, burning up and diarrhea were worth it. Plus there is the added threat of mosquito bites on any flesh I dare to reveal – which may occur at night, but that’s the time I’m kicking my cover off, due to a high temperatures and sweats 😦 I’m going back to pale and nerdy next year, and will cover myself up for any potential garden goldmine!

I have recently noticed that I am becoming more of a Den Haag’er than a Rotterdam rugrat these days. There appears to be a lot more of an international mix over there. The only drawback in Den Haag’s centre are all the nuisance trams and bikes. You have to have eyes everywhere! But it doesn’t seem so big and cold as Rotterdam, maybe I’ve just not covered my ground well enough yet. Amsterdam was just big and a massive tourist trap – definitely worth going to see, but not necessarily repeatable. I also still have to experience places like Delft, Gouda and Eindhoven before I have a clearer idea of the Dutch and their culture… So far, I think that the Rotterdam race are the most direct of the Dutch when it comes to attitude – this can be interpreted as either good or bad, depending on your personality 🙂 But like most countries, there are also pockets of good and bad places, whichever city you find yourself in… In the meantime, I’ll just continue talking to my plants – at least I know that they fully understand me :)

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