Who says you can’t go home?

Here I go again on my own,

Going down the only road I’ve ever known,

Like a drifter I was born to walk alone.


Ok, ok, this blog has suffered severe neglect lately – so I’m re-igniting it. for quite possibly my final post.

Things didn’t exactly go the way I wanted them to in the Netherlands, so yet another door closes and the journey ‘home’ begins…  At least the formalities of leaving here are a little less complicated than arriving here 😛

Destination: Telford, Shropshire, UK
ETA: Week commencing 21st October 2013

This is not an easy option / way out. Going back to the UK is both exciting and scary. So much will have changed over there, and the starting place was not a straightforward decision to make either – so many places with so many familiar faces… Intial help / advice is being accepted by those I’ve approached so far… I’m just glad I have some people over there that I can count on, even after all this absent time – it’s quite humbling. There are also those who have offered their help, without any prompt – guess I’m not such a bad person :O I will always be thankful and appreciate all their support.

I think the excitement element of my return would be due to missing so many things – off the top of my head: standard fish & chips, meat pies, walkers crsips, the colloquial accents (and understanding them), the vast amount of humour, atmospheric football environments (pubs) and the music scene!

The scary flip side – catching up with everything (feels like mainland Europe is slightly behind… /screams for the tardis), the level of crime (seems a little higher), the confusion of left / right side roads and rush hour(s), and being accepted (or not) by old and new friends / employers.

I do have a lot of re-building to do and lots of work to get myself back on the right tracks again. Challenge accepted! (as Barney Stinson would say). Joking aside – it’s going to be tough. I need to believe in my abilities and strengths again and get back to business in my daily working life, which potentially means going back to the study books, training my head into thinking that I am still useful and preparing to work my way up from the depths / bottom of the pit again. 3.5 years is a long time to make up for…

What the UK government thinks about returning expats is unknown yet, though I think that there may be more formalities than I originally thought. Going through the process of establishing roots, proving my intentions to stay put for a while and doing the things we take for granted normally (finding a GP / dentist, sorting out the complexities of the multitude of mobile services / providers, completing tax forms, obtaining a bank account
etc) are all high on the to do list, in addition to finding an interim job.

I can say that I am fortunate to have had the chance to taste life in both Denmark and the Netherlands – not always my cup of tea really but I can think of worse places to be 😉  I will take away some good memories and incorporate some of the cool(er) cultural traditions into my life, in some way, back home. I will also keep in touch with many of the people I have met on my travels (some of whom I will miss dearly). I’ll happily welcome them over to the UK, once I finally sort myself out.

I do know that I am a complete disaster at relationships (even worse than our sweet Bridget Jones), and am issuing a warning out there to all men (and women for that matter) – “Stay away from this silly girl! She’s strictly off limits and close to signing up to a nunnery – to be on the safe side.” Though, nuns do have an element of kinkiness to them, that outfit they wear has potential to look somewhat slutty… /slap my face, blame someone else and forget I said that! I’ll be fine, with my bad taste in music / horror films, pc gaming and oodles of wine etc… 😉

I don’t anticipate living abroad again, but will always have a bit of a travel bug – so may use this site to blog about places further afield in future…  For now, toodle-pips 😉

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4 Responses to Who says you can’t go home?

  1. Safe travels!

    Note I did propose, if you like the idea of a couple of spinsters. 😉

  2. Kel D says:

    Telford? My family live up the road in Stafford! I’m very jealous but I don’t envy you the paperwork hangover.

  3. Pygmalion says:

    Having “gone home” myself after “the Danish experience” for many years, I am sure you will appreciate some of the familiar, while also finding out that you are returning to a slightly different UK. The world, in the last ten years, as far as I can tell, has changed poles, or something like it. The stratification of wealth in the U.S. is much more severe, and there are major challenges to the former age of reason. Still, the smell of accumulated autumn leaves on the ground, and the absence of everyone staring every time I open my mouth is welcome. People I have known for years haven’t changed at all, and that works for me because I didn’t know what I’d got, til it was gone (how is that for an awkward restatement of Joni Mitchell’s famous line?). ONE THING is for sure, you will never have to kick yourself for not trying,, you will never wonder “What if I had just done what I wanted and lived abroad for a few years?”. One chapter ends, but the story isn’t over! Best of luck Brave girl 8)

  4. loobylou2 says:

    Heidi, you will always be welcome, wherever I go…
    Kel, let me know if you want me to swing by and say hi – though they might think ‘who is this stranger….’ Will let you know how the paperwork goes, in one way or another.
    Pygmalion, I’m already getting that warm, fuzzy feeling from people I’ve not seen for years, thanks for your wishes, and post 😉

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