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This life

“Ridin’ through this world All alone God takes your soul You’re on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil’s path Until you die” The girl is back, no telling how long… I just felt the … Continue reading

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Wow, just been reading some of my old rants here, after linking it to my new domain! Some good and some not so good posts made… I’m now having thoughts about blogging again, but not yet sure if a) it’s … Continue reading

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A year ago today…

24 October 2014 I have now been back (and survived) in the UK for a full year – bravo! The significance of this has led me to write another blog, and review life in a country I know only too … Continue reading

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Danish giraffes – are they the unhappiest in world right now?

I have not written for quite some time now… But this week a piece of news was brought to my attention and I felt morally obliged to report it here, as opposed to unreliable websites, who seem to think that blocking … Continue reading

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When the chips are down, be lucky if you’re not on your own…

I guess I could write a post of doom and gloom with the joys I am experiencing in life right now.  However, I’ve decided to jolly it up a bit and spit in the face of adversity.  There are a … Continue reading

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Welcome to the fsking concrete jungle (UK)!

Jobs applied for today: None! My petulance level: v high Bottles of wine consumed: Currently in progress… Time contemplating travel v staying in the UK: a lot! Chocolate consumed: 1 kitkat, so far… Blood pressure: v high! Where to start, … Continue reading

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UK is where the heart is – currently ;)

As per popular request, just another blog… This time from the piece of the world called ‘home’. It’s been less than a week back in the old UK and am fighting new battles and facing new challenges already. Although, knowing … Continue reading

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