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When the chips are down, be lucky if you’re not on your own…

I guess I could write a post of doom and gloom with the joys I am experiencing in life right now.  However, I’ve decided to jolly it up a bit and spit in the face of adversity.  There are a … Continue reading

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Welcome to the fsking concrete jungle (UK)!

Jobs applied for today: None! My petulance level: v high Bottles of wine consumed: Currently in progress… Time contemplating travel v staying in the UK: a lot! Chocolate consumed: 1 kitkat, so far… Blood pressure: v high! Where to start, … Continue reading

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UK is where the heart is – currently ;)

As per popular request, just another blog… This time from the piece of the world called ‘home’. It’s been less than a week back in the old UK and am fighting new battles and facing new challenges already. Although, knowing … Continue reading

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